The overall work plan structure has been designed with the goal to provide a clear and logical separation between the vertical technology block development activities and the horizontal definition, integration, and demonstration activities, while maximizing the interaction between them in a coordinated and well-defined manner. The work spans over a duration of 36 months and is split into 8 WPs . The horizontal activities are implemented in WP2, WP6 and WP7 and relate to the overall 5G system definition, the integration activities and refinement loop through the technical WPs and the validation and demonstration activities. The technology related vertical activities are implemented in WP3, WP4 and WP5 and relate with the technical building blocks for the core, fronthaul and access parts of the 5G pilot platform and the network and service layer orchestrators.

WP noWork package titleLead part. No. & short name
WP1Project managementICCS
WP2Overall architecture, system requirements and interfacesINTRA
WP3Technologies for the core and fronthaul segmentsMLNX
WP4Technologies for the radio access segmentSIKLU
WP5Distributed network and application orchestratorNXW
WP6Integration, optimization and expansion studiesUBITECH
WP7Demonstration of advance use cases on the 5G system platform0COSMOTE
WP8Dissemination, Exploitation and StandardizationTID