Objective 1: Develop a mmWave point-to-multipoint (PtMP) mesh node to enhance the connectivity of IoT devices in support of low-latency computing at the edge

Objective 2: Develop a D-band 5G Terminal Nodes supporting flexible co-packaged electro-optics interfaces for practically unlimited fronthaul/backhaul transport capacities

Objective 3: Develop a multi-stream bit-interleaved sigma-delta modulated interface for bandwidth-efficient, low-power interconnection between edge box and frequency agnostic 5G RRH nodes

Objective 4: Edge-Box deployment based on advanced baseband processor platforms for MEC-oriented use cases

Objective 5: Architect a truly flexible 5G C-RAN with reconfigurable optical fronthaul interfaces and “on-demand” optical bandwidth-capacity steering functionalities

Objective 6: Dynamic application driven orchestration of network slices in distributed 5G infrastructures with edge-fog computing capabilities

Objective 7: Develop an end-to-end 5G network slicing management and orchestration framework to dynamically reconfigure a multi-technology network at service runtime.

Objective 8: Validate 5G technological blocks in a series of scalable lab- and field-trial demonstrators targeting service-oriented use cases.

Exploitation objective: Deliver a holistic roadmap for transforming Int5Gent innovations into business opportunities with strong 5G market potential