5G IA – TSDSI (India) Webinar on 5G Tests & Pilots | Video-recording & Presentations

5G-IA and TSDSI organized an online webinar on 5G Tests & Pilots (T&P) on September 22nd, 2021. The objective of this webinar was to enable the sharing of information, data, lessons learnt and areas for collaborative 5G Tests and Pilots. Also, the webinar presented examples of 5G T&Ps implemented in 5G “hot verticals”, such as smart city, smart grid, media broadcast and media production from Europe and India. The webinar was co-chaired by Baruch Altman, LiveU’s AVP Technologies and Projects, and Chair of the 5G International Cooperation Stream of the 5G-IA Trials Working Group, and Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Senior Advisor International Relations, TSDSI.

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